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180 Hereson Road Ramsgate CT11 7EL UK

The driving force 2 success

Way 2 GO

School of Motoring


07805 128276


What is pass plus?

Pass plus is a course designed by the DSA to further you're driving career by implementing 6 modules which consists of:


  • Town driving
  • Adverse Weather
  • Motorways
  • Driving at night

  • Dual carriageways

  • Country roads


The Pass Plus course is highly recommended for novice drivers giving you valuable experience with different driving situations & types of roads

THIS IS NOT A TEST The pass plus course will be conducted by you're Way2Go instructor, it consists of minimum of 6 hours extra driving tuition covering the 6 modules listed above.

On completion of the course you will receive a certificate from the DSA. Produce this to participating insurance companies and you will get a reduction on your car insurance.

This could save you ££££££

Which is what we all like to hear !

Way2Gois registered with Kent County Council

who also offer a reduction on the pass plus course of


If you are aged 17 years - 19 years to promote road safety

For more information go to the links page & click on theDSA